REV Security Policies

REV Development/Application Security

Data Ownership and Confidentiality

You maintain ownership of all the data you put in your REV community. Per our User Agreement, we have strict obligations to keep it secure and confidential.

Comprehensive Security and Privacy

REV takes the security and privacy of your data extremely seriously. Key elements of our security program include:


REV platform is deployed and secured in a professionally managed cloud infrastructure through AWS, utilizing best-in-class, third-party data center providers. 

Key features include:

network of global SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant data centers and service providers;

systematic vulnerability scanning and systematic application of system patches to ensure threats are identified and removed; 

and, 24×7 monitoring and protection.

Data Security

Your data is only ever stored in our production environment, is owned by you, and can only be accessed by the people you authorize and authorized REV administrators. All data transmissions you make to/from the REV platform and the data centers are securely encrypted at 128 bits via HTTPS (SSL/TLS).

Our access to your data is strictly controlled and limited to authorized personnel, and only for the purposes of delivering and supporting REV’s services. All REV employees receive training on REV’s security and privacy policies and procedures.

Application Security

Our software services undergoes testing from both security and performance perspectives, and we use best-in-class systems to independently monitor security, performance, and system health in real time. We also utilize third-party testing as required to identify and address any vulnerabilities.


REV automatically backs up all data daily using a separate physical and logical infrastructure, and retains the backups for seven days.

Access management

Your REV community is only accessible by those you included on your approved user list. You can remove access to any existing user or update those who are no longer with your company. 


Our comprehensive Privacy Policy exceeds the requirements of most jurisdictions. It sets out what personal information REV collects, how we can use it, and the safeguards we use to protect it.

Third Party Services used by REV


REV uses AWS. You can read more about AWS’s security and compliances from these links:

Updated on December 8, 2023

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