Navigating the REV Web App

In this article you will learn about the different sections of the REV app on the web as opposed to the mobile app.  The web app is broken down into 4 major sections: the top nav bar, a windowpane for both the left and right side bars, and then the Community Feed in the center. Below we will cover each section in a bit more detail.

The Top Nav Bar

The top nav bar is the main navigation menu for the web app.  It stays in place on every page visited.  It consists of the REV logo, quick links to Challenges, Stories, Groups and Discussions, the Users Account Menu and icons for Search, Messages, Notifications and the Shopping Cart.

REV Logo – The REV Logo will bring the user back to the home screen every time.  

Challenges – This is a quick link to the Challenges Page. Challenges are activity ideas for the PLUS One Movement.  The Featured Challenges will always show up at the top of the page and every other active challenge will follow.  Points can be earned with each challenge.

Stories – This is a quick link to the Stories Page. Stories are at the center of the REV platform.  Stories that inspire us and fill our spirits, because they are full of hope, healing and purpose.  The Featured Stories will be on the stories page.  Users can view all REV stories by clicking the button in the upper right “See All REV Stories”

Groups – This is a quick link to the Groups Page.  Groups offer valuable and meaningful connection opportunities, connections that offer hope, help, and opportunities for growth.  The tabs at the top of the group page allow users to switch views between “All Groups”, “My Groups” and “Create a Group”.  

Discussions – This is a quick link to the Discussions Page.  Discussion threads are started with a topic or question and users can participate in the comments.  Discussions can happen at two levels, either inside of a closed group where only the group members can participate, or at the platform level where all users can participate.

Send Invites – This is a quick link to the Send Invites section of the users profile page. From this link, a user can see previously sent invites as well as send new invites.

– Under this quick link menu is the All Members, REV Store and Help Desk pages. The All Members page allows a user to search through existing members on the platform to either connect or follow them. The REV Store page has merchandise!  The Help Desk page allows users to report any issues they may have using the REV web app.

Profile Menu – Clicking on the user’s name or picture brings up the user’s Account Menu.  

From the users Account Menu, users can access several of their personal pages.  

They can access their profile page, which includes their Stories, Bookmarks, Connections, Groups, and Invites.  

Users can access their Messaging page to view or compose new messages as well as view their message history.  

The last page a user can view from this account menu is their Account page.  From here the user can update their login information, change email preferences, manage privacy, or even export their data.

The next four components of the top nav bar are the icons in the upper right hand.  They are the Search, Message, Notification and Cart Icons.

Search – With a single search, a user can pull back results from the entire platform and then filter those results by Stories, Discussions, Members, Groups or Challenges.

Messages – By clicking the Messages Icon, a user can quickly navigate to their inbox.  The icon will also visually alert the user to new messages by displaying the number of unread messages in their inbox.

Notifications – The Notifications Icon will alert the user to any new activity with Stories, Groups, Discussions, or Challenges they have interacted with.

Cart – The Cart Icon allows the user to view or purchase items selected in the REV Store. 

The Left Side Bar

The Left Side Bar on the Home Screen contains information about the completeness of the user’s profile, the quote of the day, suggested stories and hashtags the user has interacted with.

The top box within the Left Handle lets users know if any profile information is missing. Users can click the link with missing information to navigate to the profile page for updating.

The second box within the Left Handle is Today’s Quote.  Its only job is to inspire.

The next box within the Left Handle is Stories You May Like.  These are story suggestions based on the story topics you have selected and the hashtags associated with your activity.

The final box within the left handle contains Activity Hashtags. It is a list of hashtags most recently added by other members in discussions, stories and challenges. Each hashtag links to a search on that hashtag, allowing members to find more content pertaining to that hashtag.

The Right Side Bar

The Right Side Bar on the Home Screen displays highlights within the Challenges, Groups, Discussion and Members.  There are also some information links at the bottom of the handle to inform the user of the guidelines and rules governing the REV platforms.

The top box within the Right Handle highlights the current Featured Challenges.  Users can click Learn More to jump directly to that challenge.

The second box within the Right Handle highlights Groups.  From here a user can quickly see new groups, their groups and popular groups.  Clicking on a group, takes the user to that groups page.

The third box within the Right Handle is Popular Discussions.  Each Discussion listed is a link to take the user into that discussion. 

The next box within the Right Handle is Recently Active Members.  This section highlights members who have recently engaged with content on the site.

The final box within the Right Handle are quick links to the guidelines and rules governing the REV Platforms.

The Community Feed

The Community Feed is where stories are featured.  REV is built on stories of hope, healing and purpose.  This content is center stage to inspire users toward courage and peace. 

At the top of the center feed is the “Share what’s on your mind” text box.  There are four icons below the text box that allow a photo, video, document or gif to be attached to the post.

The next section of the Center Feed contains posts from other users on the platform.  You will notice that some posts are status updates and other posts are stories.  There are some users who do provide inspirational and life-giving content as part of the REV team.

Updated on November 29, 2022

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