Group Leader Program


To be eligible for inclusion and earning compensation as part of the REV Group Leader Program, Impact Leaders must meet the following Requirements:

  • Exemplify the Mission, Vision, Values and Purpose of REV
  • Be an active PLUS One Leader — a leader of character working to make a positive impact in the lives of those you lead
  • Be certified as a Connection Event Facilitator.
  • For this first phase of growth, we are looking for 24 group leaders who can help with one of the following of REV’s Categories of Emphasis. (Again, you can start a group for whomever you want. It’s just to qualify for the Movement Maker Group Leader Program.)
    • Relationships
    • Health and Wellness
    • Professional
    • Good News
    • Purpose
    • Spiritual
    • Financial Wellness
    • Affinity Groups Formed Around Shared Stories or Life Experiences
      • Veterans / Military / Military Family – first phase, more to come
  • Your Group must be a Public or Private Group that is searchable in the Group Directory
  • We do not pay Group Leaders who are charging people for access to their groups through another membership site or their own website. 

Ongoing Requirements

Thriving Group — activity, engagement, growth, value added. 

How we assess this — metrics, subjective review, against our guidelines

  • Creating Engaging and Meaningful Stories
  • Leading Meaningful and Impactful Discussions
  • Engaging in the App on a daily basis in ways that encourage their people to engage in the app
  • Group leaders and Group members must abide by the Meaningful Community Standards and User Agreement. Group Leaders are responsible for ensuring that this happens.
  • Learning and Understanding our mission in ways that help them teach others
  • Come to Group Leader Training
  • Pass a test??
  • Provide feedback to the REV team on the Group Leader Experience.
    • This is critical for helping us improve the platform. 

How to Join the REV Movement Maker Program for Group Leaders

  1. Complete the Group Leader Training
  2. Set up your group. (Here’s How.)
  3. Start leading your group (Best Practices)
  4. Apply to Join the Program
  5. Grow Your Group to 100 Members. (How to Grow Your Group)
  6. Making Money to Make an Impact — what could be better? 

Once Accepted

  1. You will be asked to set up your payment account with us.
    1. You will be paid as an Independent Contractor. You will be responsible for paying your own employment taxes and will be issued a 1099 every February that you are an active Group Leader.
    2. Payments will begin after reaching 100 Member Mark and satisfying “thriving group” requirements.
  2. You will be given an affiliate link to use to invite your people to join your group. Anyone who joins your group using your affiliate link will be attributed to your link and credited to your account. 

Group Leader Resources

  • Complete Guide to Leading a Thriving Group
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Customizable Connection Plan
  • Content Plan
  • Connection Event Planning
Updated on January 21, 2023

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