Creating An Event

Create an event (required fields)

  1. Click Create an Event from the Left Side Menu.
  2. Event Title and Event Description — add your title and description to the corresponding fields at the top of the page. 
  3. Event Time & Date — select start/end dates and times and confirm or adjust the timezone.
    • If your event is all day (no specific start/end times), check the All Day Event checkbox. This will remove the start/end time fields. 
    • If your event is a series, click Schedule Multiple Events. Details for an event series will appear. Choose your event frequency, excluded dates, and a description for the recurrence. 
    • Note: If you do not select a date or time, the date and time will default to the most recently created event’s date/time. 
  4. Click Submit Event at the bottom of the page once you are ready to publish your event. 

Additional event details (optional fields)

1. Event Image — from your desktop, upload an image that will appear on your events calendar and event’s page. 

2. Event Tags — select tags that relate to your event. This will help people search and find your event.

Click the search field.

Scroll and find a tag you want to include.

Type the first few letters of the tag. 

Once the tag appears, click the tag name.

3. Venue Details — select a venue from the dropdown.

If your venue is not listed, create a new venue by typing it in the dropdown field and hit enter. Then add the venue details in the corresponding fields. 

4. Organizer Details — select an organizer from the dropdown.

If your organizer is not listed, create a new organizer by clicking Add Another Organizer. Add the organizer’s details in the corresponding fields.

5. Event Website — add an external link for your event. 

6. Tickets — add rsvp and ticket types. 

Updated on January 3, 2023

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