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4 Steps to Telling Great, Inspirational Stories

  1. What’s the goal of your story? Perhaps you want to share information, express values or to offer empathy on a topic. Make sure you’ve a a clear goal in mind before you start writing.
  2. Who are you sharing this with?  How can you offer advice or insight to meet their needs?
  3. Be authentic, honest and heartfelt. Draw from examples in your own experience. You don’t have to reveal everything. Simply share what had the most impact on your life and why, keeping in mind what is most relevant to your audience.
  4. Empower people to share their stories in return, create a conversation. Ask questions, offer advice, request feedback to engage your readers, and make then feel included. After all, we guarantee someone is reading your story, encouraged to realize they are not alone in theirs.
Updated on December 29, 2022

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